Meat in a market in Sapa. You don’t see many dogs or cats roaming around in vietnam…

A Women in a village close to Sapa (north of Vietnam)

Hmong Women from a village close to Sapa. They look „same same but different“ like from South America.

They put me one of theirs huts on and one of the ladies took the picture.

There were about 5 ladies having a cup of tea with us and having fun too.

This man was so kind to let us sleep in his house out of reach of any hotel. The next day we drove for at least one to two hours on a dirtroad with lots of holes and bumps.

This is the house and our motorbike.

Children in front of a church.

They transport everything on the motorbike, pictures, pigs, dogs, ducks and a lot more…

I don’t know for how long this guy is having this nice view.

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