Buddha, buddha in Bangkok.


Workers at the roof of the Grand Palace in Bangkok. They are renovating every temple in Bangkok.

A cat taking a nap at a temple in Bangkok.

Child driving a bicicle in the river, close to Chiang Rai.

Elephantriding in Chiang Rai

What a disrespect. The elephant has a hole in her ear for the bat.

Elephant picking up an orangeshell.

A child trying to pet the big elephant

Elephant taking a Banana from my hand.

A horse made out of bamboo.

A horse made out of bamboo.

Cat in a mountain village. A lot of cats in Asia have a short tails or almost no tail apparently it’s a kind of race.

Trekkingguide in the hut.

On some temples you can find lots of proverbs.

Dragons are everywhere… and i like them!

This Dragon is brandnew, they were renovating a temple in Chiang May

A pottery shop in Chiang May.

More pottery, apparently cambodian style.

Lots of pottery heads…

The temples in Thailand are so colorful even the roofs are marvelous.

A monk reading at the temple.

Woodart at a temple in Chiang May.

People offering elephants.

Ginger taking a nap in the pot.

A big moth taking a sunbath.

Child taking a stone, without noticing the big moth.

This is a painting i a tempel in Chiang Rai.

On each entrance of the temples there are Nagas, they control the sources of rain and are the guardians of life giving energy in it’s waters.

Monk umbrellas.

Monks next to theirs umbrellas

Buddhas in a temple in Chiang Rai

Child playing with garbage.

In Thailand you better wear flip flops or shoes you can take off easily if you visit a lot of temples.

Emerald buddha.

The foot of a naga.




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