New Zealand

From top of the Mt Eden in the front a bowl-like crater which is 50 metres deep. Auckland was build on 49 volcanoes.

Aucklands Sky Tower where you also can do bungy jumping.

View from One Tree Hill.

Nice picture in front of a cemetery close to Grafton Bdge.

Sea birds in Waipu close to the Bay of islands.

Lighthouse close to the Hole in the Rock in the Bay of Islands

Hole in the Rock in the Bay of Islands. This Boat didn’t go thru, our boat did!

Nice sailing boat.

You can see all over New Zealand knocked over possums.
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Foto: Marcelle Blass

The north island of New Zealand has not as many sheep. Finally I saw some!

Light house in Cape Reinga.

Light house in Cape Reinga.

On the way back from the light house in Cape Reinga I met this unfortunate Chinese who were driving to fast on the gravel road.

90 miles beach in the north part of New Zealand.

My car… bigger than I wanted.

Huge New Zealand tree.

Me at the Tongaro crossing which is supposed to be one of the greatest walks in New Zealand.

Me at the Tongaro crossing having still enough energy to jump in front of the dangarous red crater.

Steffi who I met on the Tongario crossing. The wind was too instable for the kite..

Finally in the south island where I went whale watching.

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