Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat means capital or royal monastery city. Probably the name is derived from the Sanskrit word ’nagara‘ meaning capital city. It served as a temple, mausoleum and probably a palace to Suryavarman II who reigned from 1113-1150 A.D.

View to the Angkor Thom, it is not simply a temple, it’s the symbol of the Khmer people. Three of it’s five cenral towers adorn the flag of Cambodia.

A horse is grazing in front of Angkor Wat

Aspsaras are celestial female dancers. They are on many of the Angkorian temples

Aspsaras in the third level of Angkor Wat. Only the king and hight priest were allowed to ascent the third level.

Balustrade in front of Angkor Thom.

Me at the second level of Angkor Wat. There are two small libraries in the courtyard. One is just behind me.

Entrance of Angkor Wat. Suryvavrman II dedicated Angkor Wat to the Hindu god Vishnu, it faces west and the entire site is encompassed by a moat 1.5 km to 1.3 km.

Prasat Bayon was built during the reign of Jayavarman VII. The giant sculpted faces represent Jayavarman VII, he looks over and protects the whole nation.

Monks passing in front of the Elephant and Leper King Terraces. From this viewpoint the Angkorian kings watched military exercises and celebrations.

Ta Prohm was constructed early in Jayavarman VII building programme and was dedicated to his mother. It was a basically a self-contained town. The temple and it’s administrators controlled the activities of thousands of villagers.

Me at the Ta Prohm. They little boy also wanted to be on the picture.


A girl is resting in one of the temples. Kids are all around to sell you anything.

The South Gate (Angkor Thom)

The stones from the Inkas in Peru are quite similar put together…

Lingas are a male fertility totem. It is a stone phallus that usually restson a pedestal (uma) representing the femal sexual organs. Water poured over the linga drained from the uma an became blessed.

Chiniese tourists touching a linga a male fertility totem and one of the incarnations of the Hindu god Shiva.

lots of apsaras…

A detail of the Banteay Srey.

A uma at Banteay Srey.

Banteay Srey is located about 25 km from Angkor Wat. It is fashioned from a pinkish sandstone.

Banteay Srey

Banteay Srey

South Gate Angkor Thom

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